farthing collection

"Farthing", a large variety of "farthing" coins, there is a lot of information on here and I am sure that it will assist some people in understanding the history of the "Farthing" coin. The coins range from1799 in the reign of George III right to the very end of farthing production in 1956 with our reigning Queen, Elizabeth II. Quite a large period to cover, I think you will agree. I also have a fairly large collection of Farthings pre 1799 but not enough just now to really enter on this site. 

 A bit about me though, I live and work in the medieval town of Sandwich in Kent. I have been collecting "Farthings" now for many years and have built up quite a collection which includes some rare coins. I tend mainly to buy my coins from Ebay or by live auctions, I'm not too keen on buying from dealers, you are less likely to get a rare find! That said, many of the farthings in this collection have been bought from the specialists - Colin Cooke (link to them on the links page.)

As I have been scanning these coins I have managed to find quite a lot of re-punched dates, errors (such as over dates) and nice die cracks. Each farthing where there is an error, will have an image of the said error and has been photographed using a USB microscope. It's an amazing thing and works like a treat!