Victorian Veiled Head Farthings

This section was probobaly the easiest section to collect, as there are many ways of buying, especially through Ebay.

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Below are all of the Young Head farthings I have to date, just click on the date to see each coin

1895 | 1896 | 1897 | 1898 | 1899 | 1900 | 1901

Farthing Details:

  • Diameter : 20mm Weight : 2.857g
  • Total Weight (all minted coins) 94171.68kg (103.81 tons)
  • Total Mintage (all years) - 32,961,735

Value ranges from £2.00 - £60.00 and above depending on condition and type (Source Collectors Coins GB 2009)

Obverse Design:

  • Victoria's bust facing left, abbreviated legend is as follows:
  • (Victoria by the Grace of God, Queen of Britains, Defender of the Faith)

Reverse Design:

  • Seated Britannia facing right, holding a shield and trident, with the word "FARTHING" above, and the date below.

Hardest date to collect: 1897