Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Farthing

Farthing Details:

  1. Diameter : 20mm, Weight : 2.852g 
  2. Mintage 6,131,037  
  3. Value ranges from £0.10 - £25.00 and above, depending on condition (Source Collectors Coins GB 2009)

  • 1953 | 1954 | 1955 | 1956

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Obverse B Reverse 1
Obverse B Reverse 2
Obverse A Reverse 1

Obverse Design:

Reverse Design:


  • There are 4 known varieties of this coin.

What Happened in 1953?

  • Country singer Hank Williams Sr. (29) died of a drug and alcohol overdose while enroute to a concert date in Canton, Ohio.
  • Walt Disney’s "Peter Pan" premiered.
  • Francis Crick (d.2004) and James Watson discovered the structure of DNA-molecule.
  • Russian Premier Joseph Stalin died at age 73 after 29 years in power.
  • The Academy Awards ceremony was televised for the first time; "The Greatest Show on Earth" was named best picture of 1952. Gary Cooper & Shirley Booth won for best actor and actress.
    The Korean War Ends
  • Stalin died on March 5
  • Mount Everest was conquered as Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tensing Norgay, A Sherpa of Nepal, became the first climbers to reach the summit.