farthing collection

Each farthing in this collection has been scanned in so that you get the best view of the coin. As you will see, not all of the farthings are good, where you see a bad one, it means either I have a proof one (which will not be listed on this site), or I need a better grade of that type.

The main aim with this collection is to get all of the years that you can see here in an uncirculated condition; this is not the easiest of tasks I can assure you. If you look at the youngest coins, George V, George VI and Elizabeth II, you will see that many of these coins are in the uncirculated category. Grading.

In the UK we use a good grading system that is easy to remember. These grades are;

Poor, Fair/Good, Fine (F), Very Fine (VF), Extremely Fine (EF) Uncirculated (UNC) Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) and Fleur de coin (FDC)

I have not entered what I feel the coins to be on the site, you can judge this for yourself. To explain in a little more detail;

  1. Poor Coins show a lot of wear, you should still be able to see the majority of the wording . Fair/Good coins are heavily worn with the major points of design legible.
  2. Fine coins show considerable wear to all raised surfaces, some hair should be visible or the head dress.
  3. Very Fine coins is a coin with a little wear to the highest areas of the coin, but has seen some circulation. More hair detail is also visible.
  4. Extremely Fine coins have generally very little circulation and only minor scratches.
  5. Uncirculated coins are exactly as they sound, they need not be perfect as every coin can pick up scratches even from the mint.
  6. Brilliant Uncirculated are uncirculated coins with full mint lustre.
  7. Fleur de coin are perfect in every sense, this grade is generally only used with special proof strikings.

Each farthing I have has a picture of it here and where there are any farthings with errors, I have photographed some of them close up (x200) so that you can have a good look, and each coin is linked to itself so that you can see the full size image.

If you like what you see, send me an email, or fill in the form on the contact page, with your comments, I would welcome the feedback!